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Fees & Insurance



Available at: Becks clinic 

Fee - £50 (initial consultation (45mins) & Follow up (30mins)) 


Available at: Braithwell & Brecks clinics

Fee - £50 (initial consultation (45mins) & Follow up (30mins)) 

Sports Therapy

Available at: Braithwell & Brecks Clinics

Fee - £45 (initial consultation & Follow up (45mins)) 


Available at: Braithwell clinic 

Fee: £60 (initial consultation & Follow up (60mins)

Sports massage therapy 

Available at: Braithwell & Brecks clinics 

Fee: £48 (60 mins)

        £42 (45 mins)

        £38 (30 mins) 


Available at: Braithwell & Brecks clinics 

Fee: £50 (initial consultation (45mins) & Follow-up (45mins) 

Shockwave Therapy

Available at Brecks clinic 

Fee: £60 (initial consultation (45mins) & Follow up (30mins)) 

Health Insurance Claims


Some of our therapies are accessible with the insurance companies below. Please check that your cover allows access to specific practitioners before booking. Some may cover for shockwave therapy, please check this before booking. 

Westfield health
simply health

Please note that cash plans (such as westfield and Simplyhealth) require payment upfront on the day of treatment before claiming the benefit back from your insurer. Other insurers may pay for your entire treatment but will often need to grant you a number of sessions before you book. Please contact your insurer before booking to confirm that you are covered.  

Osteopathy and physiotherapy are covered by the above companies but will not necessarily cover acupuncture as a stand alone treatment. 

Appointments that are cancelled within 24 hours of your appointment time or are not attended at all will be charged at the full rate. 

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