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Oliver Brailsford - 
Sports Therapist

Availability -
Brecks: Monday (afternoon)
Braithwell - Monday (morning) & Tuesday

Meet Oliver, a Sports Therapy professional with a passion for understanding the human body. He graduated from Leeds Beckett University in 2021 and is a registered member of the Society of Sports Therapists.

Oliver's journey into sports therapy began during his teenage years when he discovered a fascination for the inner workings of the human body through weight training. This curiosity led him to college, where he delved into the complexities of human anatomy and made the decision to turn his passion into a career.

Post-graduation, Oliver gained valuable experience in semi-professional football with Wakefield AFC. Over the past year, he has dedicated himself to private practice, specializing in lower limb injuries while also excelling in the rehabilitation of back and shoulder injuries.

Oliver's philosophy is centered around finding the root cause of pain. He firmly believes that by addressing the source of discomfort, rather than merely the symptoms, long-term healing and recovery can be achieved. In many instances, protecting an injured area can lead to compensatory mechanisms, which, though providing short-term relief, can result in future complications. Oliver's approach targets these underlying issues to allow the body to function optimally.

Services offered by Oliver include:

  • Sports therapy - including initial assessment, diagnosis, hands on treatments and rehab plan

  • Sports massage therapy - for maintenance, tension and general wellbeing 

Oliver's goal is to guide you back to full health, ensuring you return to 100%. Additionally, he provides sports massage for pain relief, muscle tension reduction, and pre- and post-event preparation.

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