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Alexander Jones. M.Ost - Osteopath

Alex Jones Osteopath

Alex graduated from Leeds Metropolitan University in 2016 with a Master's degree in Osteopathy. He has gained experience in general practice while previously working alongside professional rugby teams.

He enjoys treating a wide variety of conditions and problems; from spinal issues to headaches and upper/lower limb conditions. He uses a tailored treatment approach, utilising soft tissue manipulation, joint mobilisation and manipulation alongside acupuncture, home exercise, and lifestyle advice.

Alex prioritises long-term solutions over "quick fixes" in treatment. Taking the time to engage with patients enables him to discuss their interests, work life, and daily routines, which often play a significant role in managing chronic pain. Making adjustments to these aspects can frequently lead to sustained improvements and reduce the likelihood of pain and dysfunction episodes. Alex is committed to educating patients about their pain, empowering them to recognize problematic routines, movements, or habits. This proactive approach aids patients in addressing issues and minimising future flare-ups and clinic visits

During his spare time, Alex loves to travel, walk, and cook. He has played rugby from a young age and still loves to watch rugby and F1. Don’t forget to bring your best holiday and restaurant recommendations with you!

Alex has been recognised by 3 best rated as one of the best Osteopaths in Rotherham consistently since 2017. 

Osteopathy appointments are available with Alex on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. 



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